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10 Beauty Trends to Try with Your Friends!

Posted on March 30 2015

These are fun tips and ideas to host a fabulous spa night in with your girlfriends!

1. Set the mood with soothing or fun music.
2. Try out fruit infused water. It'll be a great refreshment for your girlfriends!
3. Tell your girls to bring cozy and comfortable robes.
4. Try creating a DIY body sugar body scrub.
5. Test out great at home spa treatment, such as Spa Luxe Facial Masks!
6. Have a yummy and light meal prepared.
7. Talk about skin do's and don'ts and other skin topics.
8. Try out the ice trend and use ice on your faces to calm and soothe skin.
9. Have spa take-home gifts for your guests as a thank you!
10. Have fun!!


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