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You HAVE to do this to your lips!

Krista Perez

Posted on March 26 2015

1. They’re more sensitive than you think: Our lips lack the protection that the rest of our skin has because they have no oil or sweat glands, yet, they’re constantly exposed to irritants.

2. Exfoliate them: It’s necessary to exfoliate your lips to keep things healthy and smooth. Use a lip scrub and gently rub dead skin away.

3. Massage them: Massaging your lips will increase the blood flow to your lips, making them look clear and red.

4. Moisturize them: Look for a product containing beeswax, petroleum jelly, or paraffin since these will seal in moisture without evaporating as fast as thinner lip balms.

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5. But, don’t lick them: Licking your lips might feel like you’re hydrating them, but your saliva will actually dry your lips out.

6. SPF is for them too: When it comes to using sunscreen, you can’t forget about your lips. Being that they are so sensitive, SPF is a must to protect them – even in the winter.

7. Beware of toothpaste: While you shouldn’t ditch brushing your teeth, try not to get too much toothpaste on your lips. Many toothpastes contain sodium laurel sulfate which can dry them out.

8. They get thinner as you age: As your body ages, it will start to produce less collagen which gives the lips some of their shape.

9. They need exercise too: You don’t need to go under the knife to get fuller lips. Just as your muscles will get bigger from working out, your lips can too. Daily exercises with lip therapy will do the trick!

10. Dry lips could be serious: Most of the time, our lips are dry because they’re lacking moisture. However, cracked lips can be a symptom of a bigger health issue – so pay attention!

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